Jessica Tvordi, an Associate Professor of English at Southern Utah University, channels her passion for early English women writers and Shakespeare in the classroom. Beyond academia, she immerses herself in the early modern era through her writing.

Her debut novel, The Schoolmaster, transports readers to the court of King James VI of Scotland, delving into the political intrigues of his early reign after the arrival of his first lover-favorite at court. Her novel offers a glimpse into a fascinating although neglected period of history.

Jessica's upcoming project promises to captivate audiences further with a female-centered espionage series set on the eve of the English Restoration. Prepare to be swept away into a world of cloak-and-dagger intrigue intertwined with real-life characters from the literary landscape of the era.

When she's not teaching, crafting stories, or reading, Jessica can be found outdoors mountain biking, camping, and gardening.